1. Power of surrendering to God

Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

My dream took place some years back when nothing seemed to be working out. I was going through a bad phase like one of those dark clouds that cover the sky during a storm. My grandpa suggested that I surrender everything to God. Not knowing much about ‘surrendering’ at that time, I just touched Baba’s feet on His picture and told Him that I surrender myself to Him. Sai Baba says that if anyone takes one step towards Him, then He will take ten steps towards them and this really seemed to be true. For, even though I didn’t understand what surrendering exactly meant at that time, I made some effort towards doing it. This one step towards Him resulted in showering of His grace on me.

It was after my attempt to surrender to Sai Baba that He came to me in my dream. Baba was standing next to my bed just as if He was actually in my room. He was wearing a long orange robe and His form was full of radiance. I felt like an

overwhelming feeling of joy. Then He pressed His hand on my head and I could feel some pressure. It was as if Baba was blessing me. As I woke up, I realised that it had been a dream, but I could remember the joyful feeling I had experienced. From that day on, I began to feel the effect of His blessing and bit by bit things started to take a turn for the better. I began to realise that everything is God’s gift.

I used to think that surrendering means to offer oneself to God. But it is more than that. Baba says that surrendering is to be able to say that whatever happens, it is for our good and is what God wants for us. We should be able to say this when we go from joy to sorrow, and also when we go from sorrow to joy. If we say this when we go from joy to sorrow, we will not feel dejected or perturbed by the situation. If we say this when we go from sorrow to joy, we will not get a big ego. Baba wants us to surrender so that we are undisturbed by both sorrow and joy. Surrendering is about accepting the situation and looking at it with the faith that God knows what is best for us. He can see the overall picture, the past, present and future, whereas our perspective is somewhat limited. Sometimes it is just better to trust in God rather than ourselves.

There is a story of a mountaineer that is climbing a hill in the dark when suddenly he slips and reaches the end of his rope. He then shouts to God to save him. God appears and tells him to let go of the rope. He then questions God asking if He is trying to save him or kill him. God again tells him to just let go of the rope. But he now holds the rope even more tightly instead of letting it go. In the morning, some passersby see that he has frozen to death while hanging on the rope just 3 inches above the ground. If only he had held on to his faith in God, instead of trusting himself, he would have been saved.

2. God is the doer of everything

Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

When we make a cup of tea for a guest, it is easy to think that we have prepared it ourselves and that we are the doer. But looking more closely, we see that so many hands have been involved in the process of making that cup of tea. The tea leaves have to be hand picked from plants in India or China, the milk has to be drawn from the cows, sugar has to be processed and so on. Is it not amazing how God has brought together the work of so many in to making that cup of the tea at that time? God is the doer as without Him, nothing would happen. There are so many examples of this, but I am reminded of a time when I was looking for a job.

During this time of job hunting, I had applied for some jobs and got interviews, but I had not been able to secure a job. Then one night I had an amazing dream. In this dream, I saw Sai Baba walking in a long white robe and I ran up to Him. He sat down with me on the side of the road and gave me something to eat. The food looked like a lovely dessert. It was in big pieces and so He told me that I should break it into smaller pieces and eat it. I was overjoyed with this. He said to me: “Something exciting is coming your way”. When I asked Him when it would happen, He replied to me saying: “From now on”. I woke up feeling exhilarated that I had seen Sai Baba in my dream. I knew that the dream meant that something was about to happen. It was shortly after this, about a week later, that I received a job interview for an application that I had previously made. I got this job! More correctly, He gave me this job.

For me, this was a confirmation that God is the doer and I am just an instrument. It is God who gave me the job with His grace. I was only responsible for my efforts. Baba says, “Do your best, and I will do the rest”. It is up to us to please God by doing our efforts and once He is pleased, He only grants us with what we want or need. God does everything and acts as if He has done nothing, while we do nothing and assume we do everything.

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